lördag 30 oktober 2010


Morrigan, from Dragon Age: Origins. Scanner killed the colors, but... yeah.

In other news, I'm still behind on my studies. I don't think anyone's surprised. And NaNo begins in... less than 25 hours. Ye-es. This is going to be... fantastic. Goodbye social life?

tisdag 19 oktober 2010


The markers have arrived <3

Unfortunately I'm swamped in studies, so I really shouldn't play around with them. Let's just say that I'm not entirely convinced that I'll be able to keep my hands off them D:

I've picked up some characters that I was working on while doing the Grumg'nesh strips for the Sydsvenskan competition, and I'm considering making a fantasy humor comic with them. Nothing too long, of course, but... yeah. I'm working on character designs and plot at the moment. It is inspired by a book I read many years ago, called Villains by Necessity by Eve Forward. I loved the villains-as-heros and heros-doing-less-than-heroic-things theme, and since I always love the villain better than the hero... well... this is the type of story that fits me just right <3
I've also taken my comic art teacher Gunnar's advice and handed the role as main character over to the female necromancer, rather than Grumg'nesh the orc. It fits better this way :)

At the same time, I'm working on getting started with the Red Planet comic. Script has been slightly edited, some scenes removed, some characters removed from scenes, other scenes added, etc. Two awkward 'I don't know how to solve this' sections have been removed and rewritten... So, progress at least :)