tisdag 10 juli 2012

NaNo and swtor

June disappeared far too quickly, while at the same time seeming to drag out forever. Let's just say that writing NaNo in a month that was not November was more difficult than I would have guessed. The fact that camp NaNo divied you into groups of six or so, rather than letting you see how everyone were progressing didn't help. I compete when I NaNo-write, and when I have no competition... well, my progress slows down. I managed to reach 50k, though the good writing only came the last 3k or so when I completely gave up and handed things over to my oldest character. At least he knows what's going on here...

I also updated my Star Wars: the Old Republic account, because I missed Sha, my chiss agent, waaaaaay too much to be healthy. I mean, way too much. Like, I spammed art with her and Amanda's Sullivan like no tomorrow for a moment there.
I had previously gotten stuck at the final battle for the agent's story, which I am now past with a little help (the game is not kind to snipers, let me tell you, everything is more difficult than it should be). I have since then made a chiss bounty hunter (the chiss are more commonly referred to as 'my people'), Dasin, who is set as the brother of Sha. The game has a 15 character limitation on the name of your character, which doesn't seem like a big deal until you research chiss names and realize that they are typically at least 17 characters. So, Prard'asi'nuruodo is now a mangled mess of letters with nothing to hold them apart, and spoken of as his corename Dasin. I absolutely love the name system of the chiss and how different it is.
The bounty hunter's story is not as engaging as the agent's I must say. The male voice is so over the top butch and action hero-like that it clashes horribly with Dasin's cuddle-foo, über-lightside nature. ALL the flirting options are painful to watch, either because they are so awkward or because they are wandering into sleezebag territory, but luckily most women react with that genuine "uh, no, ew" to them. As they should. Only sith seem to be ok with this, but since they are sith I suppose they get a freepass or something XD

For the Empire! (but really, for the Ascendancy!)