lördag 27 mars 2010


Actually managed to get some spare time this week but still got quite a lot of work done.
The first game illustration is done and sent, and hopefully they like it or won't require too much change made at the very least. It went surprisingly smoothly, seeing as I am not at home with working with a tablet. That will probably change though as I found it quite enjoyable :)

I've also completed the lineart to the ad for Sverok in the yearbook, which was ridiculously fun as I got to play with characters I haven't drawn in ages. I still need to color it... or rather, I want to color it.

I bought a domain earlier this month and I've found a little bit of time to work on it now. It's nowhere near done yet, but it's a beginning at the very least. Eventually The Red Planet will be posted there, but first the prelude Myths of Mars. And before that... well, SPX.

fredag 19 mars 2010


Had the yearbook deadline this Wednesday, and I've concluded that working 12 hours a day is not good for my memory... I forgot my laptop at home today (for one horrible moment I thought I had forgotten it on the bus), then I forgot my notebook at school and just now I realized that I forgot that I let the dog out... But I can remember pretty much everything related to the yearbook and the information I was given about a game that I might help illustrate...
I'm so taking it easy this weekend.

I finished a 7 pages long mini-chapter of The Red Planet for the yearbook, as well as a related illustration and the Grumg'nesh strips that I made for Sydsvenskan. 10 pages in total, and I'll start working on an illustration for the ads section come Tuesday.
Up until Tuesday, however, I have to focus on getting Myths of Mars somewhat presentable.

Swedish Comic Sin has begun adding interviews, and I'm first up. I've also had a look at the test print and it looks wonderful. Everyone's worked hard and it shows - I'm really excited about it :D

torsdag 4 mars 2010

So many things to do...

Dry spell is done. Complete. Finished. Thank whatever god is listening (probably an ent of some kind). Not entirely happy with everything, but overall I'm pretty satisfied (now that I don't have to do anything more with it - unless the lovely Natalia Batista finds something that I need to fix).

I've bought a domain and begun making small illustrations for it, and hopefully it will be up and running in the near future.
Additionally, I'm working on a suggestion for the cover of the yearbook. I quite like it, even though it's a lot of fiddling with details no one will care about. As usual, I guess. Gears take more time than they should...

Should finish those Myths of Mars pages too, which means... a final design for the Airbitch - the airship which carries the crew of the Red Planet all over Mars. A quite important member of the 'cast', in other words.