söndag 30 januari 2011

The Red Planet

I've had enough of this hesitating nonsense now. The Red Planet site has gotten kicked around a bit, and the prelude Myths of Mars will start at the fourth of February.

torsdag 27 januari 2011

A new year...

And it's going to be fantastic - Dragon Age 2 and A Game of Thrones are both approaching their release date and I'm trying to convince myself that I won't spend April high on geekery. It's not going well...

The Swedish Comic Sin 2 anthology is in progress and I'm halfway done with the sketches for Substitute - which stars Jerker and Claire from The Red Planet, together with another woman.
Additionally, the calenders were printed and I've sold out. Only my own copy left :)

I'm almost done with all the magpies for the zombie comic, which leaves... pretty much everything else. But since I'm more concerned about managing birds than undead I consider this damn good progress.

I am also working on the cover for Absolutely Scandalous Stories, the next Think Ink fanzine, and something tells me that a certain someone is going to be on it...

Additionally, I've started a course in concept art which has inspired me a great deal already, barely more than a week after it started. I just wish that we were allowed to make our own game rather than the one that they've given us. As it is, I'm afraid I'll try to do both the assigned task and my own thing with what little time is left. I've already been drawing characters, and turned to my beloved The Queen spring and summer 1883 book for dress designs.