tisdag 30 augusti 2011

Alternative games week

Over at the Champions and Heroes comic we are currently having an 'alternative games week', in theory meaning that we draw comics about games other than Dragon Age. In practice, it means that we make comics specifically about the mako in Mass Effect 1. And frankly, we have enough things about that mako to make it mako month XD

Not to imply that 60% of my time playing Mass Effect 1 was spent like this (it totally was), but no one was happier than me to see it gone in Mass Effect 2.

onsdag 3 augusti 2011

Delightful rest

I've returned home, after a brief little trip with my friend Fanny <3 Got a bit of sunshine and a swim in the sea even.
I got a little bit of drawing done, but by no means a lot. Of course, by then I had already finished The Island and sent it off. I ended up pulling an all nighter to finish in time, but finish in time I did, and in color too :)

Now back to the other projects - making new buffers with both Champions and Heroes and The Red Planet, as well as working on a script for Forest born.