fredag 19 november 2010

No Coffin Needed

... is the title of this year's NaNoWriMo novel. My curvy heroine is named Rigmor Mortis, because I have grown to like bad puns way too much, and she is a necromancer... in other words, a mage who raise the dead.

I'm currently at 45 000 words and I'm aiming to reaching the goal of 50 000 this weekend. Then I'll be able to focus on homework, comics and illustrations without that nagging feeling of doing something wrong.

In other news I attended AltCom, an adult comic festival, this Sunday. Unfortunately I'm so stressed that I didn't have time to be there Friday and Saturday, but at least I made it on the Sunday :)
I've begun to work on my addition to the anthology Swedish Comic Sin's sequel. This year my theme is fantasy in a different way altogether, no dryads in sight, and it's called Substitute.
As far as the first Swedish Comic Sin anthology is concerned, there's been an exhibition at Makeriet in Malmö where those who wish can view originals and pages from the anthology. I say 'been', but it's up until the 21st, so not too late yet :)