torsdag 10 januari 2013

Time flies

I have been oh so very busy since... oh... October, I'd say. Squeezing in the time to manage a cosplay before the Bioware dinner, going to the Bioware dinner, NaNoWriMo, trying to catch up on my studies as the cosplay ate too much of my time and I had to sleep too, and learning the basics of 3d in Maya. It ended up with me being sick as a dog the last days before the holidays, but I'm recovered and back in the Game Assembly as the new term began. We've started working on our third 3d project, and our second game. So far so good, but I could certainly do with a few extra hours in the day. And then some in the night.
But, so far we have a lowpoly fjord horse.
I am really happy with this, even though I would have liked to give it more detailed legs and a fringe, but we were only allowed to use 500 triangles. I'm not sure where they all went to be honest. I checked inside so many times, expecting to see a tiny horse or something in there, explaining where all the triangles went XD
The second 3d project was the vampire hunter's crossbow.

I wish I had had the energy to do more on it, texturing and working on adding more details on the normal map for all of the crossbow. Alas, I was sick half of the week, and it got worse towards the end of it. It is named both as a bad pun, and as a Supernatural reference, courtesy of my friend Jonas.
And then I've been doing some character designs for the game. We are basing the story around old Swedish myths, and where they would be now. Evidently I chose the huldra/skogsrå/lady of the forest to design. She is a favorite of mine after all. Personally, I like the idea of a crown made of raven wings, but the dark skinned version is my favorite. Whether or not she, and Näcken (a nude violin player who drowns people) who I am currently working on, will have clothes in the game depends entirely on the outcome of our meeting with the teachers tomorrow. Personally I'm all for nudity as long as it's not treated with the 'male gaze', but I provided a clothing alternative all the same, just in case. Viking inspired, but altered to reveal her hollow back :)