torsdag 30 december 2010

The end of the year approaching...

And all I want is some rest. Doesn't seem like I'm getting it.

Finishing up two comic pages of Show, Don't Tell and the layout on 10 other pages for Substitute, a Red Planet sidestory... while glancing at another comic of 6 pages, and wondering why I don't have time for my school work. Ho hum.

onsdag 1 december 2010

Return to the living

November is over and with it NaNoWriMo over and done. I really pushed myself this year in order to reach 50 000 early so I could focus on my studies without worrying about my word count. Success. I have since been working my butt off with books, essays and other dull homework. But! Not all school assignments are dull.

I am also doing the dreaded first five pages of The Red Planet. Those horrible, horrible pages that have been putting me off drawing it for... ages. Well! No more! I need to finish them by Tuesday for a presentation. My right hand aches a bit and I've got ink on my fingers, but I've already inked pages 3 and 4. Somehow I always finish the pages in the middle first. And the first are always last. In order to keep up the pirate spirit I've made use of spotify and... oh my, there are a lot of pirate songs out there, in so many different genres. Still, my favorite must be You are a Pirate which unfortunately isn't available on spotify. Very catchy and with a tendency to get stuck in your head, and it certainly keeps you awake at 4 am.

That is not to say that I didn't laugh at finding Pirate Jenny... as female Jerker is indeed named Jenny. Additionally it's of the best pirate results spotify has offered me, though I have grown quite fond of the Merry Wives of Windsor, especially their song Letters from Sea.

Drawing five pages of only men did leave me rather itching for drawing more curves. I managed to squeeze in a pinup at a wall, and I fear it pleased me almost as much as finishing the 3D model of the steering cabin. Thank goodness for Jenny and the fact that I was also working on a cover for the about to be extended Show, Don't Tell. The picture has been giving me hell though. My friends have thankfully given me constructive critism (sometimes quite contradictory XD) but I feel that she's ready now. Just need some shade... possibly some color.