måndag 19 april 2010

Swedish Comic Sin has arrived

Swedish Comic Sin has, indeed, arrived and it looks beautiful. As previously mentioned, it will be available for sale at SPX. As I'll be taking the buss in the middle of the night, I will with all likelihood be dead tired but at the very least I will be there.

However, photoshop has decided that this is the time to act up... Creating a new layer causes it to freeze 50% of the time, choosing a new color from the palette is a chore that may or may not have the same result as the other Dreadful Action.

I am not pleased. At all.
A couple of final 12+ hours a day might have been enough to finish Myths of Mars, but at this rate it probably won't happen. 3 pages that are not fully inked, and 7 additional pages in various states of coloring are what's left and... ugh.

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  1. Yay! :DDD The books are indeed here, and they're nothing but FABULOUS, honey! ;D
    Keep it up! You know you can make it work, sugar! (if not, I suggest you have a preview available, or a flyer so that people can contact you and you can mail the fanzine to them later on?) *tons of encouragement*