onsdag 24 april 2013

SPX/SIS coming up

And my team and I are finishing up game three at the Game Assembly. This time it's a shoot 'em up, and it's been fun despite it not being my genre of choice. I finished cutscenes and convo pictures earlier this week, and we got working on what little dialogue we have today. I might show the cutscenes off later, but for now know that I'm working on rim lights. ALL the rim lights.
We also finished the concept art course, during which I made these two:
We were to take the Grimm Brothers's story The Skillful Huntsman, and do a take on one of the characters. I had great fun doing thumbnails (a total of 87 before I realized that perhaps it was time to continue to the next stage XD) and ended up with enough time to do two.

And now I'm going to go and pack my bag, because I'll be way too tired tomorrow. If you're in the Stockholm area this weekend, be sure to come by. Think Ink is releasing our first printed book The Art of Fika, and we'll be selling some old pieces and some individual new pieces as well :)

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