fredag 4 juni 2010

The good, the bad, the sad

My year at Malmö Comic Art School is coming to an end, and it's down to the last week now. Likelihood of tears: 72%
On a more positive note: We are going to have an exhibition: The end is here and you are invited If you have the opportunity to come and have a look, don't hesitate.

On a related note: the second years at the Comic Art School had their final examinations yesterday. I was there and observed last year (two of my fellow Think Ink-ers took part of it, after all), so I knew what to expect. I was still caught off guard when T Wadbro chose to present the comics in video form. Bo Ashi and I were the opponents, but I was so in love with the semi-animated Prison Boy and Fernando that I couldn't think of a single question at first. Luckily, my partner had his wits about him at the very least XD

3 weeks of work on Ilta Dalharuk and *drumroll* it's almost done. Unless things really blow up in my face, I'll manage to finish the 11 page comic in one month. Dry Spell, also 11 pages and no backgrounds worth mentioning, took me two months.
Progress: I like it.

The break from Mars has already paid off. I've made changes to the plot of The Red Planet, altered the introduction of a certain character, made some changes to designs, etc, in a single moment of massive 'oh!'. Not only do I like this beginning better, I think it will flow smoother and pay off later down the line.

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