tisdag 3 september 2013

Back to school

We started school off with an introduction to dynamics and... I'm honestly really excited. It's fun when things go right and, well, ok so maybe I spent way too much time trying to get that box-falling-out-of-cart to work but it came together in the end.

Speaking of the Game Assembly, I was going to post the cutscene pictures from the third game. I was kind of hoping that they'd get around to put it up on the homepage first, but that seems to be uh... a potential 'never' at this point. Only the top three text adventures (the first game we did) of my year are up, out of four finished games :(
So, with that said, here are cutscenes from our shoot 'em up:

The final one is the cropped version, because I have successfully managed to misplace the complete version. And by misplace I mean 'I can't find it on neither laptop nor external harddrive, and the school computers were wiped during summer so it's only existence at this point is in game'. Hooray, or something.
Oh well.

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