lördag 27 mars 2010


Actually managed to get some spare time this week but still got quite a lot of work done.
The first game illustration is done and sent, and hopefully they like it or won't require too much change made at the very least. It went surprisingly smoothly, seeing as I am not at home with working with a tablet. That will probably change though as I found it quite enjoyable :)

I've also completed the lineart to the ad for Sverok in the yearbook, which was ridiculously fun as I got to play with characters I haven't drawn in ages. I still need to color it... or rather, I want to color it.

I bought a domain earlier this month and I've found a little bit of time to work on it now. It's nowhere near done yet, but it's a beginning at the very least. Eventually The Red Planet will be posted there, but first the prelude Myths of Mars. And before that... well, SPX.

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