fredag 19 mars 2010


Had the yearbook deadline this Wednesday, and I've concluded that working 12 hours a day is not good for my memory... I forgot my laptop at home today (for one horrible moment I thought I had forgotten it on the bus), then I forgot my notebook at school and just now I realized that I forgot that I let the dog out... But I can remember pretty much everything related to the yearbook and the information I was given about a game that I might help illustrate...
I'm so taking it easy this weekend.

I finished a 7 pages long mini-chapter of The Red Planet for the yearbook, as well as a related illustration and the Grumg'nesh strips that I made for Sydsvenskan. 10 pages in total, and I'll start working on an illustration for the ads section come Tuesday.
Up until Tuesday, however, I have to focus on getting Myths of Mars somewhat presentable.

Swedish Comic Sin has begun adding interviews, and I'm first up. I've also had a look at the test print and it looks wonderful. Everyone's worked hard and it shows - I'm really excited about it :D

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