onsdag 29 september 2010


Perhaps the two weeks of being half braindead was a good thing. Once I got better I finally sat down and figured out how to install wordpress, in order to get comicpress going. So, the Red Planet homepage has seen some changes, and hopefully I'll have it look a whole lot better soon. And then... comics!
Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm lousy at this sort of thing. It took me a good 2 hours to figure out what to write in four lines wordpress requires you to fill in (actually, just the one... three were easy) and then I went right ahead and messed up half an hour later. Do it again, do it right, indeed... This means that the 'fixing up' process is likely to be painfully slow, but at the very least I'll get there. Like some particularly stubborn snail, turtle or... perhaps mole?

Technology has been the theme for me recently in more ways than one. I've moved my little old scanner to my new home, only to be informed that my laptop doesn't do 'little old scanners'. Of course it's Vista that messes things up. Of course! Who thought this Vista was a good idea anyway?
Well, between the choice of 'spend half a day fixing this' and 'take it back and scan on weekends only'... frankly, option B is the winner. The homepage is giving me a big enough headache as it is.

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