torsdag 9 september 2010

It's been one week...

It's been one week since I got the idea,
Sat down, wrote the script and started working.
Four days since I laughed,
Finally done with sketching.
Three days since I inked the lot
And then spent two days fighting the scanner
Today I did the last
Of that horrendous grayscale-ing.

One comic, four pages, one week. Show, Don't Tell, starring Jenny (alternative universe!Jerker... sometimes I toy with the idea of having her as a main character instead, though the story would be mighty darker, methinks) and poor Ian who gets bossed around most heinously.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I really like the cut-out!
    Interesting... will it be readable somewhere?

  2. Oooh~ I wanna see!! (ehm.. Is that a eagle tatoo on his arm?? Iiiinteresting!)

  3. Natalia - Well, I did send it to the AltCom anthology, so perhaps there? Otherwise... well, I'll find a place for it :)

    Fanny - It's... let's see, rope, a Chinese dragon, a star, and a swallow (you can see it better on other images), and flags, a star and three swallows on the other arm... and ropes around the wrists. He needed the tattoos to look a little less like a whimp... he gets to whipped -.-'